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  1. Graham......too many athletes and speed.
  2. I totally agree with you about coach the field, but on the field, he could be a "bit" tempramental at I think most of the guys that were on that team could confirm that. Those were the 1st 2 years that the Blues started playing baseball again, and it was tough at times.........but the best times of my life ! I especially thought a lot of coach Perilinni ( cannot spell his name at all ) so I'll call him coach P. Any of the guys who knew him and played for him...loved him.....great guy and great coach ! Trust me, it happened. There may be some that were there that may think the homerun was legit, and some that didn't, but it did happen and the Blues were not allowed back to the Cppinger for a year or 2 after that. We were pullled off the field and put on the buses and home we
  3. "And although it's not a specific example per se, our performance in the Coppinger Tournament was always a big deal in baseball." The coppinger thing started back when I was playing for the Blues back in 76/77 when we got thrown out of the tournament because of what we thought was a disputed homerun.. We thought the ball hit the top of the wall and bounced all the way back to us in the infield, they called it a homerun. The homeplate ump said the ball hit a light pole behind the fence and bounced back to the infield. ( it actually hit the wall ) Altizer lost his mind ( which he would do from time to time ) and they threw us out...........not just of the game, but the tournament for a couple of years ! So we had a rival in the Coppinger for a while. They finally let the Blues back in the tournament a couple of years later.
  4. I would also add that Gate City would be in there also. Much respect between the 2 and a barometer of what each team might have to start that particular season.
  5. This, if you're into Mexican food ! Good food, good price and plenty to eat, but you can't go wrong with the Moose either !
  6. Razor, I have to agree with you........even though it pains me ! I hope we are soooo wrong on this one. I don't think I have ever picked against the Blues, even if in my heart I thought they would not win, Like in the state championship game last year, but "the burg" has too much speed, and the Blues have to little this year. I think this years Blues will get better and be a playoff team, and a good playoff team, but this part of their sehedule is just murder. A team with the speed of "the burg" is just so hard to hold down all night, one mistake and it's gone to the house. I hope I am wrong and if anybody can figure a way to beat them, then Mance and his staff will, but it has been said many times........speed kills, and "the burg" has plenty of it !
  7. Welcome to the board Bob, look forward to your input on here. Always good to see new members.
  8. Just got to listen to the podcast Ryan, really enjoyed it, thought you did a good job especially for the 1st one !
  9. So sorry Bears fans about Turner ! My thoughts and prayers go out for the young man and hope for a quick and full recovery ! I lost my Soph season due to a serious knee injury so I have an idea out what he and his family are feeling and I hate it sooooo much for him, and also his teammates ! Good luck with the rest of your season. The Bears are well coached and talented so I'm sure the next man up will do a good job for them !
  10. You are correct, and I actually meant to put Bluefield ahead of Graham, but when I typed it out, I didn't realize I had put them in the order I did..........Gray hair syndrome or maybe a freudien slip........I do think that Graham has the potenial to be better than Bluefield and Graham and the Gmen did have their chances to win that game..........but they didn't, so I was going to put Bluefield 4th and Graham 5th. I don't think there is a lot of difference between 3rd and 5th on my 5.
  11. Glad youy ask that Stu, was wondering the same. I turned it over there like I always do during the halftimes of Richlands games to check on the dogs score and was surprised it wasn't there.
  12. 1.Union 2.Abingdon 3.Graham-Tie with Richlands 5.Bluefield and close to them would be Marion
  13. I wish our Tazewell county neighbors all the best and hope they get the W this week. I believe they will.
  14. Congrats to the Union team and fans ! I wish you all good luck the rest of the season and hope your team is able to stay healthy ! I'll be pulling for ya !
  15. All I can do is speak for myself, but when I talked about the upcoming game against Union and /or looked back on the GC game, I mean no disrespect to the GC fans or team, I am simply looking at what my team needs to do to get better to be able beat a team like Union with receivers like they have. Richlands needs to get better at coverage. They are already pretty good against the run, ( of course they can get better at that also it's still VERY early ) and again I mean no disresect to the GC team, but the skill level ( this year ) at WR is not at the level that Union has, and if the Blues expect to beat a team like Union,Graham, Bburg then the coverage has to be better. One blown coverage is a TD against a team like we are about to play and a couple of times the DB's seemed to be a little lost, but it was the 1st game and it will get better. This year the Blues do not have as big a margin for error as some of our teams in the past so I think that is why you see at least some of these comments from us. We have always respected the GC program and have stated it many times on here, but I know how the Devils fans feel when you feel like the other team is not giving your team any respect. But trust me, we do have a lot of respect for your program !