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  1. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    I agree pretty much with what Ryan has said. I think there are 2 advantages that Union will have that will see them win in what should be a fun and exciting game to watch. One is the front 7 of Union, which is at least as good as the Richlands front 7 .....if not better and of course the home field advantage. I think that Graham has an advantage of over all team speed which can be so very dangerous and that will give Graham a chance to go down there and have at legitimantt chance to win the game. But I think the home field and the line play will be the deciding factor. But I am getting old and my wife says I am a little senile so there you go. It should be a great game and I wish both teams good luck and hope one of them brings back a state championship to SWVA !!!!
  2. Round Two Score Updates

    So hate to hear this, prayers going up for the young man !
  3. ; )

    Man, my wife and I love the H-house ! I would rather eat there than Red Lobster any day. I get the "create your own plater" with 3 different types of seafood out of a list and usually get a baked potato..........love it, and I was born and raised ( until I was 15 ) not very far from the Chesapeake bay in Aberdeen Md. surrounded by fresh seafood. The H-house may not be as good as some of the better seafood places I use to eat at up there, but it is as good or better than just about any place I have eat around our area. But everybody has their own tastes, likes and dislikes.
  4. For you Richlands folks....

    Ryan showing the class person he is ! J.Mitchell seems like a classy kid and a great athlete and I wish him all the best and the same to the Union program and fans ! Hope you guys are able to make a deep run and bring back a ring to SWVA ! Good luck to J.Mitchell and all the area athletes that go on to the next level and continue their education and football life ! Enjoy it guys, life flies by. It's seems like only yesterday that I played my last game, and now I am almost 60 and can't believe how fast the years have gone by.........so enjoy your youth and learn all you can !
  5. John Battle vs Graham @ Mitchell Stadium

    Congrats to Graham ! Good luck in your next game !
  6. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Good luck to the Bears the rest of the way ! Be pulling for ya ! Heck of a game and VERY proud of the boys and how hard they played ! Big Big Heart !
  7. First round Playoff updates

    Congrats to Union ! Good luck the rest of the playoffs ! Proud of the way the Blues competed tonight !
  8. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    I know how you feel Razor............I think I have picked against our Blues maybe 2 or 3 times in the last 15 or 20 years. I just don't like to do it even if i feel pretty sure they will lose, like I did last year against Appo in the state game. I wanted nothing more for the Blues to win that game, but I thought Appo was just too strong. Again today as bad as I hate it, I think the Bears win 21 to 10. The Blues D is tough but we have just struggled so much on offense this year and with the game at Union, I just don't see us scoring enough against that strong D to pull this one out.............but I feel sick to my stomach to not pick my beloved blues. I hope I am so wrong and I have to appologize to our fans on here and our players for this pick. I am Blue through and through and love our kids and coaches, but the offense just worries me, but I will be pulling and praying hard for them. Good luck to both teams and safe travel to all !!
  9. Bullit Park vandalism

    That is just pathetic ! Hope they catch whoever it was !!
  10. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    It is nice to see the respect each team and "most" of the fan bases for the teams have for each other. Because of the respect I have for the Union program and fans that I pull for them in the playoffs each year.............with the exception of course of when we play each other. I hope the Blues find a way to win this game, but if they don't, I will be pulling for the Bears to make a deep run and if they make it to Salem, I will make the trip to watch and pull for them. This game Friday should be a fun game to watch with a fantastic atmosphere, I will not be able to make it, but I wish all the fans a safe trip to the game and back home and also a safe and healthy game for the athletes of both teams ! Oh and "Remember the Titans" is my favorite fottball movie !
  11. Asking for Prayers for a Bearcat player.

    Sorry to hear that, will keep him in our prayers !
  12. Graham vs Richlands

    Hey Stu, I hate the way SOME Richlands fans act myself, but believe me, it works both ways, and what I mean by that is, that back in the 70's and part of the 80's when the Dogs were winning the majority of the matchups, I worked with, played golf with, and was around some Tazewell fans that were just as bad...........believe me, I heard it almost every day when you guys beat us. It may be a little worse now by some of the Blues fans because of all of the scocial media stuff, but I bet if twitter and facebook and the forums were around back then it would have been the same. I'm not making excusses for the way some have acted, but it happens with every fan base. I always try to remain humble about the success the blues have had for the Mance era because that's the way I was taught and I also know that everything changes over time and the success we have been blessed with could, and probably will come to an end at some point. I know some or most will point to this year and say it already has come to an end, but this is one year and we had a lot of turnover on offense, plus one of the toughtest schedules in AA, so I think we are allowed a tough season this year. I guess we will see how things go from here. I do wish the dogs good luck the rest of their season and think they have a very bright future ahead of them now. Now as far as the graham game goes, I feel pretty much the same as a lot on here do. I think the Blues will play hard and give Graham a good game, but I am worried that Grahams speed and talent at the skill positions will be the difference in the game. The blues are big and deep, but just have a lack of speed that has hurt them this year and it will again in this game. It hurts me to say that as much as I love the Blues, but I am a realist. I love how hard they have played, but just have had a tough time matching up with the speed some of the teams have had and Graham has plenty of it as well. Some of the injuries the Blues have suffered since the start of the season hadn't helped, but all teams have to deal with that during the course of a season. I sure hope that I am very wrong about this game though. I hate to pick against my blues so with all that I just said, I will still go ahead and pick the Blues to win 24 to 21 with a Levi fieldgoal being the difference. I just can't make myself pick against them !
  13. Richlands @ Tazewell

    I think he is talking about D.Palmer. Ronnie does a good job, the issue this year ( and the Defense has not been bad) is that we lost Justice before the season and we are just not as talented this year in the back end of the D. Not much speed to speak of and not much experience back there either. The offense has struggled a lot this season, mostly because we don't have the big play maker because of a lack of speed so because of that the D has been on the field a lot. But Ronnie is doing a good job. Everyone talks about how the Tazewell players play hard and don't give up...........and all that is very true and it looks like the dogs future is very bright indeed, but the blues also play hard and don't give up, but that is expected of them. The Tazewell fans have a lot to be proud of with this young team ! This may be a down year for Richlands compared to the last 15 or 20 years because of a lack of speed and a tough schedule, but it is still a good team and it happens to every program at some point, but the boys will continue to get better. It looks like Tazewell Co football is getting back to where it should be, which is more balanced with all 3 teams.
  14. Wave nation

    My wife is a teacher..........,maybe she can help.........then again
  15. SWVA Poll

    1. Union 2. Bluefield 3. Graham 4. Giles 5. Abingdon 6. Marion 7. Richlands 8. Ridgeview 9. Virginia High 10. Galax
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