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Akers Out at GC?

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Just now, 99Bama said:

Is this considered to be a good hire amongst the Gate City faithful? Does he have head coaching experience?

No head coaching experience but I'm ok with the hire.  I still think Reed deserved it but some on here have said he didn't want it.  I don't know why he's apply though if he didn't want it.  I do hope he stays on the staff though.  JH should be able to get some interest back in football at GC and make them relevant again in the near future. 

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2 hours ago, Boomhauer said:

Confirmed Jeremy Houseright via Kevin Mays Twitter

Glad to hear that for the GC team, hope the program gets back to where it use to be.  Houseright should be a good fit and I'm looking forward to seeing the Blue Devils play the Blues next year.  You GC fans make sure you continue to support the HC and team.  Good luck.

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