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    rjhall71 reacted to Liam McPoyle in State Championship Score Updates   
    Sorry LCA, but nobody outside your campus feels bad for you.
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    rjhall71 got a reaction from GGH32 in Week 3 updates   
    Man why are you always downing the Canes, you do understand these are just kids going out and doing the best they can do right? They can not help the cards they're dealt the most important thing is that they represent Marion each game the best they can. 
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    rjhall71 reacted to UVAObserver in Will a single game be played?   
    The battle lines for this were drawn when these vaccines were in Stage 2 of their clinical trials.  Unless Jesus and Donald Trump hold a joint press conference encouraging people to get the vaccine, no public sentiment will sway the ~30% of "never vaxxers".  The only thing that's going to get through to them is to have their father, mother, sister, brother, or child die from COVID-19.  That's the ONLY way, and it's so disheartening.  It took having my church's children's pastor die for my church's congregation to start giving a semblance of a damn about it.  And I've known so many people who thought it was "just the flu" until they had to see the effects of it Clockwork Orange-style.  People who get their "news" and medical advice from sites like americanpatriot.baldeagle.beatthelibtards.trump.us aren't going to listen to logic.  They aren't going to look at how stark the difference in data is between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.  They're only going to listen when they have to carry the casket of someone who died from it.  Until then, the stronger their views can be marginalized for the worthlessness they are, the better.  
    If not for that ~30% of the population, we'd have this thing in the rearview mirror.  Instead, we have ~30% of the population brainlessly volunteering themselves to be the control group in this Machiavellian experiment, volunteering themselves to be the breeding ground for sneakier (if weaker) variants of COVID-19 that will eventually evolve to evade vaccines altogether.  I'm growing weary of missing activities I used to enjoy and taking umpteen safety precautions to help protect people who don't give a flying fig about protecting me.  I'll still do it, because I still love them, but I believe some righteous indignation is in order.  
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    rjhall71 reacted to sixcat in Galax @ Riverheads   
    The only buses getting lost at Riverheads are the Augusta County school buses on the days VHSL counts Average Daily Membership!
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    rjhall71 reacted to Hokiebird7 in The whacky WV football playoffs...   
    As I've said absolute joke....but they got to play right? Lol
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    rjhall71 reacted to Hokiebird7 in The whacky WV football playoffs...   
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    rjhall71 reacted to Ryan4VT in 2020 Fantasy Football   
    there y’all go. Need 9 players. 
    what day do we want to draft? We’ve obviously got a bit longer since the season is still several weeks away. 
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    rjhall71 reacted to UVAObserver in VHSL adopts model 3   
    For the 742nd time...
    Approximately 1 in 6 (16%) people in the US had H1N1, and it killed under 13,000 people.  That’s roughly in line with any standard flu.  Approximately 1 in 50 people (2%, and I’m rounding up) has had COVID-19, and it has killed 172,000 people (I’m rounding down).  
    Let’s recap.  COVID-19 has affected 1/8 the people of H1N1 and has killed 13 times the number of people of H1N1.  You’d have to be willfully stupid to consider this a government conspiracy.  Is it politicized?  Of course.  Are people worrying needlessly?  Of course!  But my goodness, intelligence seems to have left the building in 2020.
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    rjhall71 got a reaction from Ryan4VT in 2020 Fantasy Football   
    I'm in as always
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    rjhall71 reacted to Ryan4VT in Mance news   
    Loris is closer to the NC line than it is South Myrtle. This is a chance to retire in VA, go to a vacation destination type of job, not have to teach and get paid to coach while pulling from his VA stuff. Smart life move, IMO. I know I'd do it in a heartbeat.
    I only wish we had gotten the chance as a town and fanbase to come together and say thanks for all he's done for our little town.
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    rjhall71 reacted to sixcat in With Region D out this year, who are the super early favorites next year?   
    How many of the folks in the thread can be seen in the infamous viral video from Wise County sandlot a couple of years ago?  I mean, odds are pretty high for at least one, amirite?
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    rjhall71 reacted to UVAObserver in Bluefield and Bridgeport   
    Regardless of the result, a trip to Wheeling is a successful season.  Proud of the Beavers!  Just wish they could have brought the title home for Little Tony.
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    rjhall71 reacted to GMan in Bluefield and Bridgeport   
    Bluefield just got hosed on that holding call.
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    rjhall71 reacted to EH31 in Bluefield and Bridgeport   
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    rjhall71 reacted to Ryan4VT in GALAX?   
    Probably because most know what this game is going to be. I love Palmer — but this Galax team is a buzzsaw. 
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    rjhall71 reacted to sixcat in GALAX?   
    Your words exactly......"My point was that if Galax just assumed the W and thinks PH can't possibly make it a game, PH is well coaches and has enough defense to make it close.
    Sounds like you're suggesting Galax will overlook PH.  Galax has won five consecutive Region C titles with only one state championship game appearance in that span.  I wouldn't count on Dixon to overlook anybody with a 1-4 record in the last 5 state semifinals.
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    rjhall71 reacted to sixcat in GALAX?   
    You honestly believe a bunch of banter on a message board reflects on the coaching ability of Mark Dixon?  
    Galax will be ready to play. Message board banter or not!
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    rjhall71 reacted to GMan in Graham vs Wise Central Region D Championship   
    Well, since you asked...I took care of it...

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    rjhall71 reacted to UVAObserver in M7 > SWD   
    I guess your conference being so great is why your #1 and #2 seeds flamed out a full round early.  I guess the SWD #1 running the M7 #2 off their own field didn’t mean anything.  
    The only lack of intelligence here is your own for posting such a brainless, stupid thread in the first place.  Eat your crow and live with it.
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    rjhall71 reacted to Ryan4VT in M7 > SWD   
    Lol at calling someone with a law degree  unintelligent. 😂
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    rjhall71 reacted to Counts in Trenton Adkins stats   
    I remember when the paper would have the top 5 or 10 in each district in each category hard to believe that they don.t keep up with that stuff anymore
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    rjhall71 reacted to Unchained in Score Updates 1st Round Playoffs (11/15-16/19)   
    Being an old Kelly Indian I am grinning like a possum for those kids:)
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    rjhall71 got a reaction from Mountain Football in Score Updates 1st Round Playoffs (11/15-16/19)   
    You can disagree all you want but it's been stated on this board before that he had goals he wanted to achieve and the coaching staff was letting him try and achieve them when most would have pulled him to protect his health and the teams ability to make a run deep in the playoffs. 
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    rjhall71 reacted to GMan in Score Updates 1st Round Playoffs (11/15-16/19)   
    He's been in most games far longer than other coaches would have left their best player in a game that's a blowout...
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    rjhall71 reacted to GMan in Score Updates 1st Round Playoffs (11/15-16/19)   
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