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  1. big ugly vol

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    You need to screenshot this post and show it when you go to get your crazy check. They will give you double.
  2. big ugly vol

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    I’m gonna go Trump on ya. WRONG!! I played in both and always hated the Friday games. I’ve watched both as a fan and a father and always hated Friday playoffs. I’m sure there are plenty that agree with you but I just don’t see it.
  3. big ugly vol

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    I disagree. There IS NO atmosphere like Saturday football.
  4. big ugly vol

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    I can very well see Ridgeview being upset here, but it has nothing to do with our out of conference schedule. The play calling is ridiculous at times. They almost refuse to pass or run Sexton most games and usually it’s Adkins up the gut 40 times a game no matter what. However Sexton did get some touches this week. If we mix up our offense we win. If not this game is very winnable for Richlands. Don’t get me wrong I like Adkins but when people can’t just key on him it will just make him and the team better. Go Pack.
  5. big ugly vol

    Sproles Ejection (Ridgeview)

    I just watched it. It kinda looks like the Honaker player started throwing after flying up on a run and then got turned inside and started windmilling. Even that is iffy because the play goes on by as does the camera. It was raining so I doubt anybody had their camera out.
  6. big ugly vol

    Sproles Ejection (Ridgeview)

    Not to jump on Sproles, who I love as a player and seems to be a good kid, but this kind of stuff has gotten out of hand at Ridgeview. Every week we get multiple penalties for players trash talking and several punches have been thrown. Why would you punch somebody wearing a helmet? I’m disappointed that Rick Mullins hasn’t gotten this under control, and surprised we haven’t had an ejection before this.
  7. big ugly vol

    Grundy @ Central

    For some reason this strikes me as a really good game. I will go with Grundy.
  8. big ugly vol

    Abingdon 3A

    Just for the record RV’s loss to Abingdon was a glaring example of what I think the Packs two biggest weaknesses are. 1st play calling is usually awful and was that night too. 2nd the weight program is laughable, although it was better this year. This game was won and lost in the weight room long before the teams ever took the field. Big and tough is usually earned, so good for them. They earned. I hope the kids enjoy it, and that’s not sarcasm.
  9. big ugly vol

    Abingdon 3A

    I understand the O.P.’s point and I don’t buy that Abingdon has a 500 person special ed program. (I know that’s not exactly what has been said, but you get my point I’m sure.) However they handed RV their tail physically on a level that was almost embarrassing. They served up more pancakes than the Huddle House beside the marijuana dispensary. One pack player got drove back 14 yards and then got ‘caked. Another got pancaked so hard he’s out for the season. Not a big hit just a ground into the dirt pancake block. Hard to argue with that kind of whipping.
  10. big ugly vol

    Abingdon @ Union

    Wish I could go to this game. Alas, my son is a senior at Ridgeview, so I’m stuck at Pike Central Friday. Abingdon’s OL is big and NASTY!!!! Fun to watch for an old big ugly. They dominated us up front. Dominated doesn’t even really do it justice. Gonna DVR Abingdon / Union I guess.
  11. big ugly vol

    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    I have tried so very hard not to say this, but here goes. (Censored version) The RV staff has serious issues with play calling. I have deleted about 99% of this post, but could preach on this for days.
  12. big ugly vol

    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    I know the media is in love with Ridgeview’s Adkins, but their offense is by far better when they are more balanced. Last week the passing game was off. QB didn’t have a good night and receivers dropped a few passes. They looked a little out of sorts defensively also. For the Pack a lot of this depends on which team shows up. If they play like last week then I think Abingdon embarrasses them.
  13. big ugly vol

    Whats happened tonight in our region?

    The crazy stuff followed into Saturday's college games. Interested to see if the NFL follows suit.
  14. big ugly vol

    EH31 Frosty Thread

    Chocolate, but I won't hold you to it. I still haven't crawled the length of the field at Haysi because Andy Kelly threw a late game int against Notre Dame in Neyland one year. #Nevermakecrazystatements.
  15. big ugly vol


    Wise coaches jeering Clintwood coaches and Clintwood players saying they were even smack talking them. Doesn’t make anything ok but it’s just as disgusting as the fight itself. I would be ashamed to be affiliated with either program, but especially wise. They have a long history of this kind of garbage. Just for the record I’m not involved in this in any way nor am I from Clintwood or Walmart. My kids are grown and I never played wise in L. L. No sour grapes, it’s just what you hear all the time with them.