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  1. big ugly vol

    After The Whistle Episode 5

    I like the show. Hope it stays around.
  2. big ugly vol


    I don’t think either team played their best, but that happens when two heavyweights slug it out sometimes. I didn’t think Ridgeview could do it. Wish Union well the rest of the season.
  3. big ugly vol


    Close game for a while. Unions power overwhelms the Wolfpack in the end.
  4. big ugly vol

    Pack vs warriors

    Ridgeview Rolls. They have some weaknesses, but I don't think Central can exploit them.
  5. big ugly vol

    After The Whistle Week 2

    I listened on my way to Grundy last week. It’s all football which I appreciate. Had a hard time hearing the coaches though. Sounded like they were all a little too far away from a mic.
  6. big ugly vol

    Best Game(s) over the years (playoffs included)

    Haysi got the snot kicked out of them that day and won with a miracle play. That play was awesome, but Haysi fans know one more thing that makes this a miracle, is that Blaine Hackney was not a speedster. He wasn't slow, but he wasn't a burner either. If you told me that our only hope was Hackney out sprinting the whole town of Big Stone for 99 yards I would have bet my last dime on PV. That's why you play the games though.
  7. big ugly vol

    Fort chiswell

    Supposedly just wants to be closer to his family. Good addition for RV.
  8. big ugly vol

    Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    I heard one guy tell an official that they were the worst crew he had ever seen. Official says F you. This was right in front of me as I walked onto the field to hug my son. I just said don’t listen to him you’re not THE worst crew as I walked by him. I couldn’t help myself after hearing him drop an F bomb in front of a bunch of kids. The sheriffs office was trying to clear a path but cussing people is probably not the best path to safety when you have just become public enemy number one and said public surrounds you on all sides. In hindsight a bigger police presence would’ve been better but I’m not sure anybody expected it to get this bad. I’ve only seen it so bad one other time in my life.
  9. big ugly vol

    Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    Really questionable officials conferences that sometimes lasted several minutes. It got ugly as the officials were leaving the field. People are tweeting to wcyb this morning that an official was charged with 2 counts of assault on Ridgeview fans after the game. RV had chances to put the game away but didn’t get it done regardless of officiating.
  10. big ugly vol

    Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    Ten yards and a cloud of air! Lmao.
  11. big ugly vol

    Grayson co. Vs Ridgeview

    Everybody keeps telling me Grayson has a big physical defense. If they make it a physical game they win. If RV can get their skill guys making a few plays then it belongs to the pack. Ridgeview's Achilles heel is that their line is small and not real strong. They have gotten big plays when they needed them several times this year on O and D that bailed them out. I hope to get to watch a little film this evening.
  12. big ugly vol

    Union @ Abingdon

    The last two years at Haysi people would go down before big games and drop kids off at the Elementary School early A.M. and go tape a blanket to the seats. I would show up an hour before kickoff, the stands would be empty and I had nowhere to set. Then these people would come walking in, barely making kickoff. I started going to my seat and tearing off the taped down blanket where I sat if there was no one there and folding it up. Pretty sure a few people got hot but nobody ever said anything.
  13. big ugly vol

    Battle for runner up in the Mountain -- Abingdon @ Ridgeview

    I have calm my oldest son down every time they play that stupid crap. He gets so mad.
  14. big ugly vol

    Haysi-Jeffrey Bowen

    There was quite a bit of trash talking that game. It went a little to far. Probably from both sides.
  15. big ugly vol

    Here it is Union at Lee High

    If union finds a passing game....Wow!