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  1. Soccer is more physical than what I thought it would be. My son played one year and I tried, I really did, but I hated every second of watching it. Thank god he went back to track in the spring.
  2. I’ve watched him. Thought he’s looked really good.
  3. My kids both despised Wise when they were at RV, and both said that they ran their mouths constantly and had bad attitudes. It's kids, so who knows. I figure if they both said it, there's something there. I think RV MAY struggle more than many think later in the year, but not this week. I didn't want to go to this one, but I'm stuck. My boys both want to go and I'm going to make them go watch IT with me before the game.
  4. Wise stays close early but wilts late. The RV O-Line has looked fairly technically sound lately, but I think they lack the nasty to hold up against a physical team. If the Warriors have a big physical front 7 they have a chance. If not RV rolls in the 2nd half.
  5. I forgot about Clisso's place there. I have heard it's good, and we get his dressings a lot at our local grocery.
  6. Hard to beat a bacon ranch anything.
  7. I posted earlier in the year asking for advice on which games to go to. I decided the Thursday night game between RV and Burton. I had been to Burton before but I guess I had better seats. The visitor stands are almost under the field. We were on row 3 and couldn’t see over RV’s 5-9 DC. Moved around the field and ended up going to stand on the press box with a friend that films. So seating at Burton sucked. The popcorn was good which is always a must. Went to Sugar Hill Cidery before the game. Excellent food. Went Saturday to watch little league football at Sandlick. RV east/west, which is Haysi/Clintwood. If you love football go one Saturday and support your local little league. So much fun. This week I’m probably going to do Richlands at Union. This has become one of the best, if not the best rivalry in our area lately. Looking forward to getting to see it. What’s the best place in Big Stone to eat before the game?
  8. Haysi had two 1000 yard rushers and a 2,000 - 2,500 yard passer in their last year. They were about 50/50 pass/run when the first team was in. More dangerous throwing because Coach Colley didn't care to air it out, but very balanced. This is from memory. I wouldn't swear to the numbers.
  9. I heard one quit. Didn’t know it was two. I figure anyone that plays and quit will be back after their buddies guilt them into it.
  10. Because of RV’s insistence on being so one dimensional on offense I always see them being a stacked defensive front away from an upset. However I don’t think it happens this week.
  11. Yea, both are definite possibilities.
  12. I would do out of state games within reason. Just for the record I will post on my experiences. (Don’t read it if you don’t want.)
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