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  1. Awesome hire. I feel like this means big things for Ridgeview.
  2. I'm not sure what either team has coming back, but I could see the Grundy/Hurley game as being especially nasty until they consolidate. Whenever that may be.
  3. I'm figuring he's gonna draw his Va retirement and still work. Can't blame him for that, plus he's moving to bourbon country. Pulled the name of the place up on Google just to see where it was and three distilleries popped up. I always thought he was a good guy, hope he succeeds.
  4. March Madness is awesome. I stopped watching NASCAR years ago. I wouldn't watch a baseball game if they were playing it in my front yard. I'm pretty busy with multiple jobs and don't get to watch much TV though, so it hasn't bothered me much. Football is a different story. I live for it. Don't know what I will do if that gets cancelled.
  5. I've heard there is no teaching position to give, because Mullins is not Retiring, just not coaching. SO then it would have to go in house. Not sure how true any of that is.
  6. They will which is why my post said for a few years.
  7. Step 1 for Buchanan Schools - Pass a resolution to never hire Haydee Robinson. Step 2, Look at everything Dickenson County did with how they handled their money and do the EXACT opposite. You will probably be O.K. On a serious note, Council Doesn't field a team and Twin Valley is historically not very strong. Hurley despises Grundy, I doubt most football players will go there. Which means Grundy basically stands alone vs 3A competition and gets absolutely destroyed anytime they play at that level. I hope not, but that's the way I see it shaking out for a few years anyway.
  8. I’m too old for madden. Can we do Tecmobowl?
  9. Dang. Can we pick somebody to joke about from a different school once a week so the board stays fun for the other 8 months of the year?
  10. I was shocked by how bad we were at times against the pass this year. Nowhere to go but up.
  11. There needs to be a one question test for all candidates. 1. How many offensive plays are possible on any given down? a) There are only 6 possible offensive plays. b) There are more than 6 possible offensive plays. Anyone that answers b can be interviewed. As much as Ridgeview has driven me crazy Coach Mullins is a fine man and I wish him the best. It will be a big load off of him and I’m sure he will be happier.
  12. The experience of putting on your hometown colors on Friday Night is worth more than anything else can replace. Years ago you might have needed to go somewhere to get noticed, but now almost any kid with a phone can send highlight videos to any coach.
  13. 1. Toughest Place To Play in SWVA? - I pick Union over Hurley only because of the size of the crowds. 2. Best Concession Stand in SWVA? - Rye Cove with Honaker a close 2nd. 3. Best Helmet in SWVA? (share a pic if possible) - I don't pay much attention to that kind of thing, but I love that Rural Retreat helmet shown earlier in the thread. 4. Best Uniforms in SWVA? (share a pic if possible) - See above answer. 5. Biggest Coaching Staff in SWVA? - Physical size - Ridgeview has 3 assistants that are 6' 3" or taller and over 3 bills. They would be hard to top. 6. 1D Coaching Staff of The Year? - Would have to go with Burton. Huge mess in the offseason, but have done well. 7. 2D Coaching Staff of The Year? - Central, with Gate City 2nd 8. Dark Horse Team Of The Year? (surprised everyone) - Central. 9. Best Game of The Season? ? 10. Biggest Upset of 2019? Central over Ridgeview.
  14. I’m not gonna get off on a rant, but I will say there’s a joke with my kids and some of our friends that certain members of the RV staff gets together after games and say. “We lost, but we lost our way. YEA!!!” With a big high 5. It wasn’t as bad as the way they wasted the Sexton kid last year, but there is a lot of speed on this team that never got used. Other options would only make Adkins more dangerous.
  15. RV is the king of getting upset at home in the playoffs. That’s 5 of the last 7 years for coach Mullins teams. Very frustrating. Congrats to Central.
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