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  1. Does anyone have any idea when the All State teams come out?
  2. It’s also very upperclassmen oriented. The younger kid will make it next year. We had a kid one time at QB hang 300 plus yards on both our biggest rivals, throw a ton of touchdowns and not make even honorable mention in the district. One of the best teams in school history. We also held the 1st team guy to pitiful stats head to head, and beat his team by 35. I know everyone has those stories but that’s probably the worst I ever saw.
  3. Have they always played both games on the same weekend? I hate that. Would have liked to have seen both.
  4. I don’t blame them for wanting to play at home, and I think they should get to. Hope the kids play hard and come home healthy. Good luck to all.
  5. That field doesn’t look too bad to me. It’s a shame to lose homefield over that.
  6. Heard a rumor that Ridgeview was dropping a few weaker schools and beefing up their schedule. Not sure who they drop/add.
  7. As a side note to all this, the one particular kid from RV that I thought should have made it missed a couple of district games to injury. I officially have no complaints now that my son reminded me of that. Congrats to all these kids and thanks for the hard fought season.
  8. Just out of curiosity I looked a little and only found the 2010 all LPD team. There were 18 first teamers counting specialists listed as offense. This years mountain 7 listed a utility guy and the LPD didn’t.
  9. I don’t wanna name any kids, but for Ridgeview there are a couple undeserving and one in particular that got hosed. Just my opinion. I don’t know all these kids by name, but I for sure see a few head scratchers. Congrats to all though. Hope the kids are proud of the accomplishment. It was a good competitive year in the district.
  10. I never saw the Wadsworth kid from Norton as being that good. Never understood him leaving to go showcase himself somewhere else. I know they talked about him a lot, but when we played them I never saw it. No offense to anybody just my opinion.
  11. Minus a few big runs Richlands didn’t exactly shut down the RV offense, they just made it ineffective. Ridgeview has playmakers that they refuse to try to get the ball. That’s what kills people and why, now that my son has played his last game there I will VERY seldom ever go back. Our QB isn’t great, but we played several games where we threw less than 5 passes. Then when that kid needs to step up it’s been a month since he’s been part of the offense how good is he gonna be? It’s not a matter of airing it out all the time, it’s the need to run more than the same 4 or 5 plays 95% of the year.
  12. Rick Mullins got taken to a clinic on how the spread is supposed to be run. Richlands attacked the whole field and made the Pack defend the whole field. Ridgeview on the other hand uses the spread to attack the first 12 inches of the field and is completely out of their element when they have to do anything else. I called it several weeks ago, having no clue who our opponent was that we would get upset in the 2nd round. Ridgeview goes nowhere in the future until they get a clue how to call an offense. Best of luck to Richlands next week.
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