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  1. Jason

    Union at GC

    You and me both. I would also wager we're not the only ones.
  2. Jason

    Union at GC

    I like teams that run more than one formation. I think GC run the I, T, and some shotgun against PV in 03. GC also came out in the single wing after halftime against Norton in 03. The spread seems to work well around here but when a team from this area makes a deep run in the playoffs it seems like old school does much better.
  3. Jason

    Union at GC

    Union 56 GC 14 I think GC hits both extra points this week.
  4. Jason

    Union at GC

    Union fans should be thankful for what they have. Could be worse. Could be 0-4 like your opponent this week. lol
  5. Jason

    Boone @ GC

    So you're saying there's a chance? lol
  6. Jason

    Boone @ GC

    Wouldn't mind seeing an upset but its just not going to happen.
  7. Jason

    Week 4 Game Reschedules

    Yes. Daniel Boone this week. I don't see this game getting moved.
  8. Jason


    You will get to see the fun after all. Loud music while Union in the huddle and announcer telling where the Union ball carrier is on the field to help their defense.
  9. Jason

    Gc south.

    I should have worded it better. I disagree on your opinion of travel ball. I agree with the rest. I think little league and travel should be run by a board of little league coaches and everything voted on.
  10. Jason

    Gc south.

    Little league didn't get cut short so travel ball could start. Little league got cut short dhe to numbers the Redskins had. The Redskins only had 6 players to compete on their varsity squad. They tried to play anyway with the JV moving up but they were getting murdered out there. One ended up moving to Rye Cove and the parents didn't want their smaller kids playing up against the bigger Varsity kids. That ended up bringing their Varsity season to an end and also causing little league to end a week earlier than it should have.
  11. Jason

    Gc south.

    Got to disagree. Travel ball does not get extra emphasis. Numbers are down in both. Most of the youth coaches I have talked to said they can tell a huge difference in the kids that play both little league and travel than the ones that play little league only. I think both can serve a great purpose with better organisation. The two are played too close together. The other teams in the travel league end their little league seasons when we begin ours. They end up with several weeks to prepare their travel teams where we are scrambling to get teams, jerseys, and practice in a weeks time. I think what would help getting interest up in little league and travel would be the head coach, players, and youth coaches visiting the elementary schools and get these kids interested in playing. All that happens right now is them sending signup forms to the schools.
  12. Jason

    Gc south.

    We need 55 back at full back. What little he run the ball against GW in the scrimmage was for good gains. I really wish we would line up in the T or I with him at fb.
  13. Jason

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    Nope. Both teams should forfeit their seasons. For those that don't get it. (Sarcasm)
  14. Jason

    Gc south.

    QB takes a beating most games.
  15. Jason

    Gc south.

    This game has become a decent rivalry. Should have won it the last two years. Won't surprise me if it ends up coming down to the last play. South's defense doesn't seem great this year but neither is GCs offense. Would be nice to see the Devils come out in the T in this game.