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Any coaching jobs coming open?


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8 hours ago, cityofRaven said:

Word on the street is Malibu Mark made the school board put off the vote till the June meeting to only pull out of the race the morning of...

That's what I heard. Idk the background of the situation but that really put Castlewood in a tight spot.


Bubba will work hard at Castlewood and do a fine job. The guy has been at some big programs and has had some success.

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17 hours ago, Austrian Ben Shapiro said:

That level of a lack of self-awareness must have Thad Wells rolling over in his Knoxville TN grave. 

Now that’s not nice.  Mr Wells is a leader of young men…..for 12-18 months of their formative lives.  Then he has to move on.  (Cue Johnny Cash’s “I’ve been everywhere “)

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