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  1. UVA Wise makes sports center top 10

    I was at this game. Incredible play. But what was coolest of all. The QB was our very own Jake Sturgill. Both UVA-Wise's other QB's Had been knocked out of the game literally, in the first half.
  2. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    So your saying only Ridgeview and Abingdon are the only teams Union faced this season with a winning record?
  3. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    One some may or may not know is "Facing the Giants".
  4. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Smoke and Mirrors boys! Smoke and Mirrors!
  5. Abingdon vs Northside- Take 3

    This is correct. They are going to have to play physical on defense. But after seeing some film, Northside is about exactly what their record shows. They don't defend the run or pass very well. I'm not sure what year their QB is but he appears to make poor decisions with the ball. I'm expecting another game like we played versus a different opponent from that area. If it isn't close at the end Abingdon wins. If it is a close one that would require a game winning drive, Abingdon loses.
  6. Marion at Virginia High Part 2

    Va High better be on their A game. Beating a team twice in one season is tough. Beating a team twice in a matter of a few weeks has got be way tougher task. I'm sure Marion is looking for revenge and will come out ready to play. Va High will have to clean up the turnovers and mental mistakes from the last few weeks. This one is a close one. Could go either way VHS 24 MHS 23
  7. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Very true.
  8. Abingdon vs Northside- Take 3

    Third year in a row the Falcons will meet the Vikings in playoffs. The home team has lost the past 2 years. This should be a good first round match up. Thoughts?
  9. Coaching Hot Seat

    Key word in that whole statement is TIME. How much time? 1 season? 4 seasons? Hoping against hope is not a lot of hope. But I'm sure GC will get back someday. Until there is a culture change back to what they used to be they will mire themselves with they have become. This is not an easy fix for the GC faithful by any means.
  10. Coaching Hot Seat

    Abingdon will roll GC next year. Abingdon is only graduating 14 seniors and and will have 20+ seniors next season. Now in 2019 GC may make a run at AHS as they will be short on upperclassmen then but if GC is in the 3 year plan to get back to "what it once was", They may not beat the Falcons then either. Lee and Central may be toss ups and possibly South if they stayed on the schedule
  11. Union @ Abingdon

    I have not commented on a prediction for this game thus far. Part of me says it could go either way. It really depends on several factors. If its a close game in the 4th qtr (1 score either way)...Union wins. If the Falcons come out like they have in several games this year and take control, limit the Bears possessions, contain Mitchell, and Union has a slow start...Falcons win. Going to pick my team. AHS 27 UHS 17
  12. Marion at Virginia High

    I have not seen Marion so I can't speak to how well they look other than comments and news reports. VHS seems to play up and down at times but will not quit or give up. Bearcats in a close one. VHS 24 MHS 21
  13. Union @ Abingdon

    Your more than welcome. Might want to get there early. Abingdon has had large crowds and I'm guessing Union will travel well but There should be more than enough seating on the visitors side. Safe travels as you all come over.
  14. Union @ Abingdon

    There are several Parking lots around the high school. Depending which way you come into Abingdon. From Hwy 19, via Russell Rd, and left onto Valley St. If you come down Valley St, Which will turn into Walden Rd and turn Right onto Boone St towards the high school you can make a left at the old tennis courts about halfway up Boone St and park in the lower parking lot. I believe there is a sign there that says Washington County Schools Maintenance. There is a ticket booth there and is closest to the visitors side. Also there is a concession stand on the visitors side. You can also park on Thompson Dr (Boone St turns into Thompson Dr as you go past the practice field). Directly next to the school is a parking lot but that is reserved parking only.
  15. Union @ Abingdon

    I think he should be back this week. You are right, he is legit and can score from anywhere on the field.
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