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  1. Falcon Mania

    Abingdon @ Patrick Henry-Benefit Game

    Final. Abingdon 48 - PH 6
  2. Falcon Mania

    Abingdon @ Patrick Henry-Benefit Game

    Halftime. AHS 34 - PH 6
  3. Falcon Mania

    Richlands and Grundy benifit game

    I don't think Richlands has much to worry about this week or next. They should handle both teams. It will also give the Richlands staff a good opportunity to shore up some things. Richlands 35 - Grundy 14
  4. Abingdon is traveling up to Emory to take on Patrick Henry in their annual benefit game tonight at 7:00 pm. I can't wait to finally see some game situation reps with this new offense and how the defense is going to operate. I'm sure Coach Amburgey will want to make a statement and let SWVA know not to be overlooking the Falcons this year. My pick: AHS 35 - PH 13
  5. Falcon Mania

    New Member to the Forum:

    HAHAHA. Come on G Man. 98% were thinking that exact comment. Welcome to the board UNION#ATW Glad to have ya. Now brace yourself. It is football season and things tend to ramp up around here.
  6. Falcon Mania

    Preseason 1A top 10

    1 Chilhowie 2 Galax 3 George Wythe 4 Grundy 5 J. I. Burton 6 Hurley 7 Patrick Henry 8 Thomas Walker 9 Northwood 10 Eastside
  7. Falcon Mania

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Likewise at Abingdon Ryan. Back in the day they had red as part of the color scheme but has faded away. Now Navy, White and Gray
  8. Falcon Mania

    Speaking of Helmets...

    As someone who doesn't particularly like white helmets, this one is pretty sharp. Maybe its the White on White. The new logo is definitely sharp.
  9. Falcon Mania

    2018 Football Schedules

    Abingdon Date Falcons Opponent Location 08/24/18 John Battle Away 08/31/18 Gate City Home 09/07/18 Pulaski County Away 09/14/18 Christiansburg Home 09/21/18 Hidden Valley Home 09/28/18 Central-Wise Away 10/05/18 Virginia High Away 10/12/18 Open N/A 10/19/18 Ridgeview Home 10/26/18 Union Away 11/02/18 Lee Home
  10. Falcon Mania


    Just an update and after the parents meeting with Coach Amburgey, Abingdon's numbers are 74+ players
  11. Falcon Mania

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Abingdon, Richlands, Belfry KY, and one other team this Friday at Richlands 5:00 pm Abingdon/Patrick Henry Benefit Game is Aug 16 at Patrick Henry
  12. Falcon Mania


    Abingdon-Looked like about 50+ but someone said a bunch were in the weight room
  13. Falcon Mania

    Abingdon Football Head Coach

    Here's the thing. Yes it will be an adjustment for the freshman and some sophomores. But the Juniors and Seniors were all part of Coach Amburgey's scheme previously. So they will pick back up with it pretty quick. Heck my own son still recalls plays and scheme from when he was at Abingdon before. Now will there be a slight learning curve, Yes, but the foundation is still there. So, technically its not apples to oranges. Its more oranges to grapefruit. This is true. I can't fault Amburgey or Colobro for the playoff losses. Reed went into full control freak mode and the rest was history. Reed definitely struggles with game management and offensive play calling. People can say what they want but until you sat through 40+ games and analyzed some of the calls, you tend to just scratch your head. Amburgey on the other hand was always an excellent game manager and play caller for Abingdon. He also has a niche for putting players in a situation to succeed. If he can continue that the Falcons will be fine.
  14. Falcon Mania

    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

    1. Graham 2. Ridgeview 3. Union 4. Chilhowie 5. Richlands 6. VHS 7. Abingdon 8. Galax 9. J I Burton 10. Grayson Co./Marion - Tie