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  1. Falcon Mania

    Garrett Amburgey BHC Prep Coach of the Year

    Is Graham is BHC coverage area?
  2. A really nice article today by Nate Hubbard in the Bristol Hearld Courier about Abingdon's Head Coach Garrett Amburgey being the prep coach of the year. https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/prep-football-coach-of-the-year-garrett-amburgey-abingdon/article_c7710f36-25a8-11e9-bc6b-3fed4996099f.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share
  3. Falcon Mania

    Softball/Baseball Schedules

    Abingdon High School Varsity Schedule
  4. Falcon Mania

    Mac McClung

    You gotta admit it. The kid is doing good. The lights aren't too bright and the stage isn't to big for this kid. Good Job Mac
  5. Falcon Mania

    Class 1A All State

    This all day. The other one was. Where is the Thacker kid from JIB?
  6. Falcon Mania

    Changes for 2019

    Here is a change for you: Garrett Amburgey has the interim tag removed and is now the official head football coach at Abingdon High School
  7. Falcon Mania

    All-Region D 3A

    REGION 3D FIRST TEAM Offense Quarterback -- Jalen Jackson, Northside; Center -- Ryan Dowdy, Lord Botetourt; Lineman -- Jesse Hanson, Lord Botetourt; Colston Powers, Lord Botetourt; Ethan Blank, Northside; Gage Bassham, Abingdon; Xavier Wright, Christiansburg; Running back -- Hunter Rice, Lord Botetourt; Clay Hardy, Tunstall; Princton Hall, Northside; Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt; Receiver -- Christian Fisher, Northside; Jake Dewease, Lord Botetourt; Holt Dotson, Abingdon; Tight end -- Kelly Mitchell, Hidden Valley; Kicker -- Trey Rice, Lord Botetourt; Kick returner -- Grayson Hardy, Tunstall; All-purpose -- Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt. Defense End -- Dylan Hale, Abingdon; Adam Eller, Lord Botetourt; Zach Horton, Northside; Lineman -- Jesse Hanson, Lord Botetourt; Gavyn Preston, Northside; Justin Hall, Alleghany; Xavier Wright, Christiansburg; Linebacker -- Hunter Rice, Lord Botetourt; Dylan Fralin, Lord Botetourt; Jacob Elliott, Northside; Mason Stanley, Christiansburg; Bryson Fulcher, Patrick County; Back -- Jake Dewease, Lord Botetourt; Christian Fisher, Northside; Grayson Hardy, Tunstall; Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt; Aaron Moore, Hidden Valley; Punter -- Jacob Kerrick, Magna Vista; Punt returner -- Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt; All-purpose -- Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt. SECOND TEAM Offense Quarterback -- Gabe Boothe, Abingdon; Center -- Justin Hall, Alleghany; Lineman -- Dedric Hayden, Magna Vista; Jaheim Tyler, Cave Spring; Major Cook, Abingdon; Drew Wiley, Lord Botetourt; Running back -- Zach Bowling, Cave Spring; Mykah English, Staunton River; Martin Lucas, Abingdon; Receiver -- Isaac Ellison, Magna Vista; Josh Cockram, Patrick County; Caleb Henley, Christiansburg; Will Crandall, Hidden Valley; Tight end -- Tyler Thayer, Abingdon; Kicker -- Josh Davis, Northside; Kick returner -- Aaron Moore, Hidden Valley; All-purpose -- Christian Fisher, Northside. Defense End -- Austin Thompson, Hidden Valley; Isaiah Stephens, Northside; Mac Padgett, Christiansburg; Lineman -- Meade Mayo, Lord Botetourt; Ethan Roark, Abingdon, Tony Totten, Tunstall; Silas Fitzgerald, Hidden Valley; Linebacker -- Dorien Green, Magna Vista; John Milby, Cave Spring; Jake Crosswhite, Abingdon; Rally Williams, Christiansburg; Luke Arner, Hidden Valley; Back -- Reaco Dalton, Magna Vista; Ethan Coates, Cave Spring; Brae Farrell, Lord Botetourt; Josh Cockram, Patrick County; River Carter, Abingdon; Punter -- Grayson Carroll, Hidden Valley; Punt returner -- M.J. Hunter, Christiansburg; All-purpose -- T.J. Taylor, Abingdon. Offensive player of the year Hunter Rice, Lord Botetourt. Defensive player of the year Evan Eller, Lord Botetourt. Coach of the year Jamie Harless, Lord Botetourt.
  8. Falcon Mania

    All Region D Team?

    Preach it!
  9. Falcon Mania


    This from the person who thinks GC will have a way better record next year than the previous 3 seasons. Actually Grapeape you might be right. If GC wins 3 football games it'll be like winning a state championship.
  10. Falcon Mania

    All Region D Team?

    I agree with the G-Men's OL and DL but there is no way they would allow one team to taken up that many position spots. They will spread it around.
  11. Falcon Mania


    Football season is over. It'll be quiet in this forum till after the 4th of July. Then things will pick back up. Hope this helps you understand crickets
  12. Falcon Mania

    VA Semifinals / WV Championship Updates

    Blacksburg lost 26-23 in OT
  13. Falcon Mania

    Abingdon @ Lord Botetourt

    From what I can gather the Lord Botetourt - Abingdon game will be live streamed here: https://bit.ly/2OnVo3N or check You Tube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsVdzM_Z_u0
  14. Falcon Mania

    Abingdon @ Lord Botetourt

    Cause M7 teams have the better concession stands. Only joking. I'm not sure why we were put in the M7 other than that is the way it shook out in the previous redistricting through VHSL.
  15. Falcon Mania

    Regional semifinal updates (Playoffs week 2)

    Thats a lot of game movement because of the weather. Seems like there will be quite a bit of neutral site games.