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Each Team Gets to Ask a Question (or Two)

Liam McPoyle

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Graham-Does our bus driver remember how to get to BSG?
Union-Can we forfeit homefield advantage and just play at Mitchell?
Ridgeview-Are we sure these injuries are season-ending?
Grayson Co-Can we appeal to drop to .5A for the playoffs?
Bland Co-How awesome is it just to be playing football?
Narrows-We’re undefeated and County Champs! Is this what Heaven’s like?
Giles-Is there anything more hideous than the color green?
Twin Springs-Who predicted we’d be the last unbeaten team in Scott Co?
Thomas Walker-Are you willing to play in Ewing? No? Then stick your cupcake joke up…
Lee-Can we build a wall at the Wise Co border?
Twin Valley-Can we schedule more KY teams like Phelps?
JI Burton-Can we get Phelps on OUR schedule?
Central-Can we just start basketball already? Also, who has the number for Phelps’ AD?
Galax-Are we 100% sure we can’t get Dixon back?
Hurley-Are we 100% sure we can’t get Tester back?
Tazewell-Can we just win a game without all the drama?
Chilhowie-Doesn't all teams have 12 coaches?
Northwood-When do we get to play Castlewood?
Castlewood-When do we get play Northwood?
Marion-Who took Northwood off our schedule?
Richlands-We play Lebanon this week, right?
Lebanon-Have we mentioned how awesome our QB is?
Grundy- Are we good? Are we bad? Yeah, we don’t know either.
George Wythe- See “Grundy”
Rural Retreat- See “Grundy”
Patrick Henry- See “Grundy”
Fort Chiswell-Can we have a do-over against Tazewell?
Rye Cove-Can we have a do-over against Honaker?
John Battle- Can we have a do-over against Holston?
Gate City-Can we have a do-over against Abingdon?
Abingdon-Can we have do-over against Battle?
Eastside-Can we have a do-over against Chilhowie?
Holston-Who invited Honaker to the Hogoheegee? Also, can we have a do over against Narrows?
Radford-What Region C heartbreak awaits us this year?
Virginia High-What happened to all our talent?
Pulaski Co-Forget Botty, did you see where we almost beat Princeton!?!
Carroll Co- We’re 1-3 against 1A schools. Is that bad if we’re 3A?
Honaker-Can anybody recommend a good hotel in Salem?

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Rye Cove-who said 2 years won’t make a difference?
Burton-*sigh* when’s this gonna be over?

Central-*sigh* what Burton said 
Eastside-*sigh* what Central and Burton said 

Richlands-Hey Karl Childers, what’s wrong with our football team? Karl Childers-Ain’t got no gas in it!

Honaker-what’s the best place to eat in Salem? 
Castlewood- *sigh* what Burton, Central, and Eastside said. 


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6 hours ago, 44cov3 said:

Is the new Giles County High School going to be Narz Green and Giles Light Blue?  That would be ugly as heck but also "unique" lol

Yeah...    come out looking like the school Harry Ragsdale graduated from and still called the Green Wave. They'd might win some people over on that consolidation dick they've been riding for so long.  🤣

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