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Prayers for Appomattox Coach.

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I know we aren't SW team but I also know there are some prayer warriors down there that would be willing to lift our head coach, Doug Smith up in your prayers. 

Coach had been dealing with what he thought was a pulled muscle for some time in his core area and last week found out it actually was a tumor.  He's been told he has bone cancer in his spine and a biopsy was done yesterday to find out more. 

For those that have knowledge of the Raiders know that coach leads this team with an extreme amount of faith and love for his Savior Jesus Christ.  We've played some of y'all in the past and you may have witnessed the prayer circle that our team does an hour before each game.  That's the kind of  commitment he has for the Lord and he tries to instill in his players. 

Here is just a small paragraph that he wrote to the football family, "Please know I am OK. Many people have had much worse. I am trusting God all the way through this.  He has been my ROCK all my life. Anything I can do to bring glory to Him is good with me."

I've said many times that I feel very blessed to have a man like this coach my boys and that statement just solidifies that more. 

Our team mottos over the past 5 years have been:

PO1 (Power of One) scripturally based




All of these he has pulled from a verse in the Bible somewhere.  Now these "mottos" are being applied to his fight. 


Thanks for your prayers.  We look forward to an opportunity to cross paths with one of y'all this year.

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Thanks all.  He usually has FCA for the kids after practice on Wednesday nights (if they choose to stay).  I know we as parents are going there tonight to pray for him and our hopes is to try to keep that going for the kids even is just a few Wednesdays a month. 

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Prayers lifted for Coach Smith.  His skill has been shown time and time again on the gridiron.  His Christian walk has left larger footprints than any trophy a case could hold. 

Excerpts from a message by my pastor...  

"The Battle Your In"

God will give Coach the courage to stand (2 Tim. 1:7)

God will give Coach the power to fight (1st John 4:4)

Grace is prepared for tomorrow, but is sufficient for today.



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