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    Marion 🤔

    I agree with you both. However, when I think about it, the games aren't for the fans or the money they generate. They're really for the players. If it weren't for the kids that wanted to play, there wouldn't be a team. No team, no game. No game, no fans. No fans, no money. Does a 1-9 team "deserve" to be in the playoffs? No. Does that senior that loves the game, and maybe is in a bad situation due to inept coaching or poor turnout deserve one more chance to put on that uniform and play the game we all love? Absolutely!! If I was a HS senior, I would be ecstatic to play just one more time. Even if I knew I would get beat to death. Lol Just a thought.
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    Mark Palmer

    How the hell else are you supposed to find out during a pandemic, carrier pigeon?
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    It has gotten a bit stuffy around here lately so I thought we could use some football laughs.
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    I agree. The Narrows players would be in their mid-80s by then. No way they catch Caleb Jennings.
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    Mance news

    great read here by Brady Hess check it out here - http://coalfieldsports.com/2020/02/20/the-end-of-an-era-richlands-greg-mance-to-coach-at-loris-sc/
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    That’s quite the realization for someone who has been on the board for 2 days... 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Liam McPoyle


    I don’t know about the coalfields, but we do it the RIGHT WAY here in Smyth County. Once a field is selected, fans will complain incessantly on Facebook and implore local media to escalate the situation. At that point, a hometown “hero” will write to our local State Senator requesting him to intervene. The Senator then contacts VHSL Administrators who in turn select a more “suitable” field.
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    Real Sasquatch

    Beaver Graham 2019

    You probably feel that way because you are a Richlands fan, to me, nothing comes remotely close to Bluefield-Graham. What other game has people coming from hundreds or even thousands of miles once a year to watch the game, regardless of how good (or bad) the teams are that particular season. Also, I'm not trying to be mean or ugly by any means, but this thread is about Bluefield vs. Graham, let's please stick to the topic. You will have plenty of time to discuss Richlands vs. Union.
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    Overreaction Saturday

    Somebody should rename this thread “Why Graham or Richlands will be better than the other” LOL
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    Given my age, I fall square between Generation X and the Millennials (though technically I fall in the latter category, I have little in common with 1990s babies). When I was 5, I had 13 channels on TV. When I was 17, I could download 1000 songs per week off the Internet. This is a prelude for what I’m about to say. There’s a constant pining on this board for the good old days, when men were men; when every single boy played football; and when a succession of presidents with dreadful foreign policy had the U.S. embroiled in unwinnable wars. In case y’all haven’t noticed, our population is on average roughly 25% less than what it was back then. Since fewer of the remaining 75% are having babies than their ancestors (mostly because the young ones fled the region leaving the old ones behind), our schools are roughly 40% smaller than in the era of LSD and 8-tracks. For schools like Pocahontas, that means closure. For schools like Garden and Whitewood, that means consolidation. For every 10 linemen you had in 1974, you have about 6 now. What used to be depth now is simply having enough to play iron-man. In addition, what most of the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers bemoan as “picking up a controller” is in reality becoming more oriented in STEM and electronics. I hate to break this to anyone, but coal will never again be what it was in 1973. Information technology (IT) is the backbone of our future economy. The boys that used to bale hay and dig ditches in the summer, which lends itself to a sport like football, are now learning to code and program, which doesn’t lend itself. Every generation has its lazy kids, and this generation has it in the exact same proportion as did the Baby Boomers and Generation X. The kids who lay around smoking dope and play Fortnite today are the same kids who laid around smoking dope and playing guitar terribly in 1975. There were probably more of them in 1975, because there were more people in general. Far be it from me, though, to criticize the generations who gave us the pet rock and pension systems that irreparably leach the retirement funds of the younger generations to subsidize themselves. It’s ALL because the kids of today are lazy and worthless. The kids of today will be responsible for repairing the mess left behind by the generations who are criticizing their work ethic. And I, for one, am not going to ride them like Seattle Slew, even if it means that we have fewer kids playing football. Rant over.
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    Bluefield researcher

    Mark Palmer

    If your child's math or science teacher left without calling a meeting would you still be upset?
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    Vote for Mitchell Stadium

    Yeah there is no Golden Trophy or a million dollar prize but I think the most fulfilling prize that came from it was seeing the community and surrounding communities comes together to achieve a common goal. Refreshing to see countless number of people engage on social media without the usual divisive political and social issue arguments but to work together. For a few days Gmen, Beavers, Bulldogs, Tigers, Blue Tornados, Republicans, Democrats, Black, White, Young, Old, etc came together and achieved something they wanted. If the folks in Washington, DC could do the same just a few days out of the year this country would be much better off.
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    Tazewell @ Marion

    Every man over the age of 35 has a slacker nephew that they just can't relate to. Today's music, fashion, and irrational interest in flavored water vapor that may or may not have nicotine or THC in it is beyond you, and while you're sure he's a good kid, times have left you behind and the only thing that you have in common is that you both have an AC/DC shirt in your closet because you both "used to like them when you were young and stupid." But one way or another, Christmas is coming and you have no idea what to get this brat, so while your wife browses Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the mall takes you to Spencer's Gifts to see what may be suitable to convince this kid that you're not completely out-of-touch. Then, you see it! You have no idea what it is, but it looks wicked awesome. The fact that it's sat on the shelf for so long that it's now listed at 75% off list price just means that he will be the only cat the block who has one. The label says it's an incense burner, which is super sweet, because every body knows that all the cool kids are into smoking things. So, he opens it, and of course, he hates it, but he pretends to like it before putting it in the closet and pretending like it doesn't exist. This is where the story gets complicated. Your nephew has a stepbrother, and the stepbrother is the black sheep of the family, mainly because he is constantly being unfairly compared to his two older biological brothers who are far more successful. It's not his fault, he just doesn't have the natural skills that his brothers have, but it's left him with a chip on his shoulder. So, every year, usually about the time the family opens up the closet to get out the Halloween decorations, he is reminded of the incense burner that his stepbrother has kept tucked away on the top shelf. Now, he doesn't really care about the incense burner, but if he can't one-up his older brothers, he might as well take something from his stepbrother; after all, he's had it for like three years and never shows it off! Meanwhile, your nephew really doesn't want that rejected prop piece from ABC's Dinosaurs, but the last thing he wants is to let that freshman annoyance that his mother married into the family get a hold of anything that is his. And thus, "The Battle for the Spencer's Gifts Clearance Sale Incense Burner" was born.
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    Richlands Football - Let the games begin.

    Richlands Football 2019. Let the games begin.
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    You must’ve not been around for Lucastookis
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    Uncertain times mean uncertain topics

    TJ Rasnick if not for cancer he most likely would’ve ended as Tazewell’s all time leading rusher and would’ve had a good chance of making a run at the state record for most soccer goals
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    Does the WEST win it again???

    That's a shame! Not to toot my own horn but a family from Central Lunenburg left their headlights on during the 2011 state semifinal at Galax. Not only did my wife and I jump start their car, we bought them dinner at The Smokehouse to give the battery time to charge and make sure it held a charge. Most things in life are bigger than football. It's just a game. One played by 16 year old kids at the high school level at that! Often, those 16 year old kids are more mature than the 46 year old parents in the stands.
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    How many of the folks in the thread can be seen in the infamous viral video from Wise County sandlot a couple of years ago? I mean, odds are pretty high for at least one, amirite?
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    Well, since you asked...I took care of it...
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    Because you post stuff that's false trying to stir the pot. I'm the only one allowed to stir the pot. Don't like it? I can take care of it...
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    Graham fans....great game, your boys looked great tonight. Good luck going forward. Please stop at our many fast food restaurants on your home to help our local economy. After this beating, it's the least you can do. Lol
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    Calprep prediction

    I own this place...
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    Musselman, WV (white and green) vs Hedgesville, WV (dark blue)
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    I'm almost certain that Mance takes his shoes with him and the new coach will bring in his own footwear.
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    big ugly vol


    Definition of targeting: Any good tackle in the NFL.
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    Will these be made public? As always, if you’re so obstinate as to not place teams like Bluefield and Radford on your poll for various idiotic reasons, I feel as if the rest of this site should be aware of the fools skewing the poll, and judge that accordingly.
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    Low Numbers in HS Football

    The truth is, a lot of kids in SWVA are just plain old lazy. They don't play sports or work. They've learned from those older than them that they can do nothing and the Government will send them a check every month for doing nothing. Lots of folks live that way and don't see anything wrong with it...they don't try to find a job because they don't want a job. It's becoming hereditary.
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    New PC High School...

    Without wandering too far into a political discussion, I also like the idea of honoring local folks who made a direct contribution to the community. Much better than generic names referencing directional quadrants and/or landscape features IMO.
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    Richlands staff

    I hope that no one in Richlands gets staff this season.
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    Congratulations, Rick!! It is so awesome that we have such an amazing source for high school sport history right here on this forum!!! I am very thankful and grateful that you are here and share your knowledge with all of us. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that this little forum covering sports in southwest Virginia and southern West Virginia would have such an outstanding gentleman in it's presence. Well done, good Sir!!
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    I just really enjoy the challenge. I actually did not know about this and was not contacted. Tim Hayes pointed it out to me. The interesting thing is that while I know a lot about Virginia High School football and her history I know much more about WV high school football history. One because I have been researching WV much longer and Two) there is much less to learn because of the smaller population. I still have a long ways to go before I can claim to be an expert or THE AUTHORITY on Virginia high school football. If I had to do one thing over in hindsight I would do Virginia research first because when I started Marshall Johnson was still alive. By the time I really got into Virginia he had passed and all I have is his scattered notes and notebooks. BTW. There are literally dozens of notebooks by Marshall Johnson containing Virginia High School basketball history and scores. I know where they are.
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    Mance news

    As long as the kids get a chance to play this year with all this mess going around. Pray for all county teams
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    Mance news

    And Mac McClung is an Oak Hill Academy alum
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    Mance news

    Well, we had a good run ! I will always be grateful for all the fun we as Blue Tornado fans have had over the last 20 years. A lot of programs have never come close to the kind of success Richlands has had under Coach Mance ! I have a feeling that some of the fans I heard complaining about his coaching ( it was a small minority ) will find out that you better be careful what you wish for, sometimes wishes come true. Thank you Coach Mance for all you have done for our little town............you will be missed, but I wish you and Ann all the best in your new journey ! Also a big thanks to all the other coaches on his staff over the years for all their hard work !
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    Aren't you guys all adults getting paid? Criticism comes with the territory, if you can't handle it, find another profession. And it's not about him personally because no one actually cares about him in that context. You're aware of what memes and jokes are, right? Havoc wasn't mocking Akers, it's mocking all the debate on here about his coaching acumen. no one is going to kiss your ass because you're a coach, and it's insane that you think coaching makes you above reproach. Just because people can't devote their life to breaking down high school film for free doesn't mean they can't share their opinion. It's up to you to figure out if you find the criticism valid and actually take it to heart or brush it off because the person doesn't know shit.
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    I probably wouldnt quote Greg Schiano very often.
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    Everyone is friends again. It's like a Disney princess movie! 😁
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    Real Sasquatch

    Graham vs Union Part 2

    I thought it was what Hillary did to her e-mails.
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    Graham vs Union Part 2

    Y’all prepare yourselves for that train horn to never be stopped. After they threatened to escort Union fans out of Mitchell for little air horns — I cant even imagine how loud and often they’ll blow the train horn Friday night.
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    Reg 2D Playoff Scenarios

    *Disclaimer - not predicting these finishes, just showing scenarios based on likely outcomes of remaining games. This is shaping up to be an unusual finish to 2D. Not so much for the "anything can happen" finishes, but more so for the "anything has ALREADY happened." Most teams are already set in a very narrow area of seeding. Ridgeview is finishing #1 as long as they beat either Pikeville or Abingdon. If they lose to both then only an 8-2 Union can overtake them. Ridgeview is guaranteed at least the #2 spot. Union is guaranteed at least #2 unless Richlands beats Graham and all the rider points fall Richlands way. Gate City is trapped at #7 unless Tazewell really flubs up and loses one of their remaining 3 games. Even if they defeat Central, they will still be #7 without a Tazewell loss. #8 seed will be a battle between Marion and Va High. Winner of that game gets in, loser stays home. There is a narrow window for Marion to get in with a loss, but it would take some upsets for certain. #3 seed goes to the winner of Graham/Richlands. Graham cannot overtake a 7-3 Union. Richlands can, but will need help with riders. Central can go as high as #4 with a win over GC AND a Richlands win over Graham or #5 with a Graham win over Richlands. Could get #4 with the Graham win with rider point help. They are a lock for #6 if they lose to GC. Tazewell's fate rests with Central. #6 with a Central win, #5 with a GC win. Can't really go anywhere else. Lee and Lebanon are out. John Battle could only get in with a Lee win and an upset over GC or Union. In each of these, I'm giving Letcher Co 1 more win, Paintsville 2 more, Radford 3 more wins, Pikeville at least 1 more win depending on Ridgeview game and Bluefield 3 more wins. Paintsville's remaining 2 games are 50/50 shot. Ridgview loses to Pikeville. Union and Ridgview over Abingdon. Graham over Richlands. Central over GC. Va High over Marion. 1.) Ridgeview 8-2 256 25.6 2.) Union 8-2 250 25 3.) Graham 8-2 227 22.7 4.) Central 8-2 217 21.7 5.) Richlands 6-4 215 21.5 6.) Tazewell 7-3 207 20.7 7.) Gate City 4-6 175 17.5 8.) Va High 2-8 149 14.9 9.) Marion 3-7 146 14.6 Ridgview loses to Pikeville. Union and Ridgview over Abingdon. Richlands over Graham. Central over GC. Va High over Marion. 1.) Ridgeview 8-2 256 25.6 2.) Union 8-2 250 25 3.) Richlands 7-3 233 23.3 4.) Central 8-2 217 21.7 5.) Graham 7-3 210 21 6.) Tazewell 7-3 207 20.7 7.) Gate City 4-6 177 17.7 8.) Va High 2-8 149 14.9 9.) Marion 3-7 146 14.6 Ridgview loses to Pikeville. Abingdon over Union. Ridgview over Abingdon. Richlands over Graham. Central over GC. Va High over Marion. 1.) Ridgeview 8-2 257 25.7 2.) Richlands 7-3 234 23.4 3.) Union 7-3 234 23.4 4.) Central 8-2 216 21.6 5.) Graham 7-3 209 20.9 6.) Tazewell 7-3 207 20.7 7.) Gate City 4-6 177 17.7 8.) Va High 2-8 150 15 9.) Marion 3-7 146 14.6 Ridgview loses to Pikeville. Union and Ridgview over Abingdon. Graham over Richlands. GC over Central. Va High over Marion. 1.) Ridgeview 8-2 256 25.6 2.) Union 8-2 251 25.1 3.) Graham 8-2 227 22.7 4.) Richlands 6-4 216 21.6 5.) Tazewell 7-3 207 20.7 6.) Central 7-3 202 20.2 7.) Gate City 5-5 193 19.3 8.) Va High 2-8 148 14.8 9.) Marion 3-7 147 14.7 Marion over VA High regardless of everything else. 1.) Ridgeview 8-2 256 25.6 2.) Union 8-2 251 25.1 3.) Graham 8-2 227 22.7 4.) Richlands 6-4 216 21.6 5.) Tazewell 7-3 207 20.7 6.) Central 7-3 200 20 7.) Gate City 5-5 195 19.5 8.) Marion 4-6 159 15.9 9.) John Battle 2-8 141 14.1 I did give Pikeville the win over Ridgeview in each scenario just to show how cemented Ridgview is in at least the #2 spot with an 8-2 record. It will be a difficult game though. Union would win the head to head tie breaker if they and Richlands finish tied, but Richlands' rider points will be easier to come by than Union, so there may not be a tie. Also, keeping track of the top few teams from C for semi-final purposes. As it stands now, only Ridgeview has a chance of outpointing a 9-1 Radford team, and it will be close. If Radford loses to Glenvar Friday, and realistically this is the only shot of them not being 9-1, then they will fall to 2nd or 3rd with Appomattox taking the #1 spot at approximately 247-249 points. If that happens only an 8-2 or better Union or Ridgeview team will be able to outpoint them. So, if a team other than Ridgeview or Union represents D they will be traveling for the semis unless the 3rd seed or lower wins Region C.
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    M7 > SWD

    Hmm. When was the last time anyone from M7 won a state championship?
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    Bluefield researcher

    Week 8 points

    Maybe Princeton's players should be playing for Princeton if you want them to win games.
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    Train Horns

    How about we don’t bring politics into this, please. There are goofy people on both sides.
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    South @ Gate City

    Should we fire Akers?
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    Week 1 updates

    All the comments, all the laughing, all the other BS plastered by the experts. Damn right we're gonna celebrate this one. Awesome job Big Blue!!!
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    Overreaction Saturday

    And you won the exact same number of state titles since 2004. 😎
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    Honest Answers

    I've always been such a sports fan,and I never would have in a million years thought I'd say this,but while this pandemic is rough,it's actually been in some ways a blessing to me. It's given me time to set aside worldly matters (other than work of course),and focus on my faith and my family. It's made me realize what matters most and really just how trivial sports are when you compare them. My relationships have strengthened,and I've enjoyed and absorbed the meaningful conversations that we should have been having all along.
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    Mance news

    Congrats to Coach Wells. It’s always a special opportunity to be able to go home and lead the program you played for. Although your time in Mooresville was brief, the adversity you led our team and community through last season, with the loss of one of our warriors, we couldn’t thank you enough! Nothing but love and respect to you coach. Best wishes to you and your family up there. You’ll always be considered a part of the Blue Devil family
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    big ugly vol


    I’m too old for madden. Can we do Tecmobowl?
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    I knew the final score & was still a nervous wreck watching the tape. All I know is that I’m officially out of the prediction business. Anyway, the week 1 win probably increased week 2 attendance by 2500 or so. Legion Field will be rocking for the Falcons.
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