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    I remember when football was played in the rain...
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    LPD 1967

    Sproles Ejection (Ridgeview)

    Rookie Post...not Rookie LPD I was fortunate to play against Coach T. Dotson..Mr. Riggs..Mr. Harry Frye..PV Coaches..Coach Dave Ryder and Mr. Cummins. We would have taken care of this situation in the locker room or on the practice field..BEFORE it occurred on the field/court/diamond. The Helicopter Moms..Lawnmower Dads..Grandstand Usta' Bees have weakened the character and ownership responsibility of our student-atheletes. I will not be popular on this Forum so bring it.
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    I can’t go on record as much in this realm, but I will say that if the School Board closes TCCTC, it will be the worst mistake that body has ever made. We have a population here that is PERFECT for vocational training, and taking that away would be utterly devastating, to put it very kindly. We don’t have the demographics to be a white-collar job mill. We have the demographics for practical training, and it saddens me to see just how much it’s already been placed on the back-burner.
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    You know what the Hell you were doing. Your first post was absurd, and it’s preposterous that you feel the need to defend it. Regardless the reason, a young man has passed away, and it’s basic human decency to avoid taking shots at someone. Were this my board, I’d permaban you for this.
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    Football Officiating

    If I wanted the kind of abuse that referees take, such as yelled at, spit on, criticized on everything, and even have my ancestry questioned, I would just have my mother-in-law move in.
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    2A POY Candidates

    I’ll say this for any players who may be reading this board. I’ve always found it true that if you focus on doing the little things right, the big things and the accolades will follow. Stay hungry; don’t go fishing for attention; don’t read your own press clippings; and keep making yourself better every day.
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    Today is 1-9 Happy Chris Akers Day!!
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    Plot twist, it's made with laxatives.
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    Graham vs Union

    Please don’t mention frostys on this message board
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    Bearcat Dad

    RESULTS Final Top 10

    Here are the results for the final Top 10 Thanks to everyone that voted this season. Thanks to @GMan, @Ryan4VT, @rvtne215, and @EH31 for letting me run the Top 10 poll on here and Coalfieldsports.com! 1. Bluefield 2. Chilhowie 3. Graham 4. Pulaski 5. Abingdon 6. Ridgeview 7. Radford 8. Union 9. Galax 10. Mt View OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES Grayson Co. Patrick Henry J.I. Burton Richlands
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    Allow me to clarify. It's not that it had been 6 years since they beat Amherst. Last night's victory was apparently the first for Liberty (formerly Bedford) Middle School in ANY football game since 2012. My 2nd born son is a member of the team (mostly bench sitting WR/DB this year) and he was only in for a couple of plays. But he and his teammates are walking a little prouder this morning. I asked him what they did to commemorate a win the next day in school (like wearing their jerseys, for example). He obviously didn't know. Sorry that this isn't SW Virginia related or probably even of interest to very many people. Just wanted to indulge in my own little Moment of Zen.
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    Liam McPoyle

    Thursday Super Pod Questions?

    The autumn leaves are less colorful this year. Experts say it was from a warmer than usual September; however, a few people are blaming Chris Akers. Who should I believe?
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    Richlands at William Byrd

    Also, was very happy to see our boys have the NS stickers on their helmets, our coaches had the NS on their polos and the cheerleaders had purple ribbons in their hair. Byrd lost a senior girl, Nala Saunders, on Wednesday morning suddenly and purple was her favorite color. So I was really happy to see us honor her last night. Also, I thought it was very classy for the Blues to get to the 2 yard line with 1 minute left and Byrd only having one timeout and instead and scoring and going up 13, we took a knee at the 2 to leave it a 6 point win. Felt like that was a good move, especially given the fact that Byrd was playing for NS.
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    To be honest, that is what I wanted my original website to be like but I didn't have the time to put in the effort to do all that...that's how it ended up as a forum only. Now, these guys have stepped up and have done a tremendous job in gathering information and putting it out there. I will continue to be here, and hopefully, they'll continue doing what they are doing and these three sites will be the best you can find in Southwest VA and Southern WV. I also have to give a ton of credit to VHSLhelper...what he does is also a tremendous addendum to everything that is here now!
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    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    I hope Gate City posters realize what they have accomplished. I am officially calling it: in the previous six months of material posted on SWVASports, they have officially surpassed Abingdon as the "most disliked fan base by their neighbors" in SWVA.
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    Akers Out at GC?

    This thread has covered..................... Gate City football Mac McClung Gerald Sensenbaugh Billy Wagner Election day 2018 Mike Myers CPR Kevin Saunders Luke Lawson JJ Kelly Hard on's Philly Cheesesteaks Garden hoses Palm readers Sparky Anderson This has to be a Hall of Fame thread!!!!!!! I love this site!!!!!!!!!!
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    Chilhowie Field

    Everyone who had Northwood hosting a state semifinal in the preseason, come collect your money.
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    Graham/Radford: AA Semifinals

    The score as I have it is @EH31 owes me a Frosty and @SWVAgridiron owes me a hotdog. Guess I won't be hungry when I go to the game... 😄
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    I can't imagine the profound sadness of those of you who knew Devon personally. This news breaks my heart, and I never even met the young man. His humility and kindness were so evident, it could even overshadow his immense talent. May God comfort you and his family in the coming days.
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    Hey buddy. I try to stay off of forums on here because of lunacy like this. However, this is pretty terrible. In all honesty, it is in the top two worst posts I have ever seen on here. Maybe it is because I had a connection with Devon. That guy was my friend. We grew up together. We played together. He was one of the nicest guys in the world. Tonight, a son is gone. A mother, brothers, nieces, nephews and many other extended family members and friends are heartbroken. 25 years old and gone way too soon. Who gives a damn how he passed away? He represented our area in a fine light. I think anyone on this board will admit that. That was my boy. I don't appreciate your ignorance.
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    Get the **** out of here with that BS man. Just shut up. You don't know a damn thing that happened. Classless asshole. There's a real family out there that is grieving hard right now. There's friends and teammates that don't know what to think now that their brother and classmate is gone. And the LAST thing on this planet that they need is YOU coming on here with your BS Richlands hatred speculating on what happened. I wish I could say I can't believe you would do that, but sadly, this is right in your wheelhouse.
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    Akers Out at GC?

    My heavens this thread can't end soon enough, it's like an argument with my wife, just when you think it's over it starts all over again.....
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    Week 9 Pod Questions?

    Hypothetically- Should a person who said he would buy everyone on a message board a frosty if Bluefield was held to 6 points at home be held accountable for that statement if Bluefield had the ball inside Lord Botetourt’s 5 yard line down 17-3 but they threw two incomplete fade routes in a row on third & fourth downs even though their offensive line is bigger than the ‘85 bears?
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    Certainly, prayers for this young man’s family and the Richlands community. I hope Graham makes a show of solidarity Thursday night. Knowing that some HS kids read (and post) on this board, I will say this. If you are considering ending your own life, those feelings are not normal and healthy. It’s OK to be “not OK”, but please seek help if you are feeling these emotions; every insurance provides for mental health evaluation and treatment. Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary troubles. People do care: your family, your friends, and your community care. And believe you me, once you walk off that stage in early June after your senior year, the “crap” that goes along with high school disappears. Sorry to ramble.
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    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    Prayers for this young mans family, friends, and RHS. Similar situation happened when I was in high school and it literally affects everyone associated with the school. I would love to see Graham and RIchlands come together before the game Thursday night and honor this young man with prayer.
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    Old Richlands controversy

    Did they change after each play or each series? Or did the offensive team get the cleats while the other team played in socks? Or was it the defensive team that wore the cleats? Did they change by position? That would suck if you were a wide receiver who wore a size 9 and the opposing wide receiver wore a size 13. And this begs the question, why couldn’t Richlands or Salem afford their own cleats? Why did they have to wear the same cleats? And how in the hell did one of these teams make the playoffs playing an entire season without cleats? This needs to be an entire podcast episode, like a 30for30 or something
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    Now, with that said, you vote does not count. This board covers the schools in the map at the top of the page...period. Don't like it??? Slide on over to VAPreps and get your kicks...I can make it happen...
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    Darren Reed In

    In the running for the most unintentionally funny thing ever posted on this site.
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    Bluefield Beaver

    The morning of the state championship game many people gathered behind the high school to show support for the team. Among them was Tony with his infectious smile. He made the trip to Salem to support Graham. After the game he was on the field living it up with his friends celebrating the Graham win. Had he not been wearing a Beaver jacket one would have thought he was a Graham Gman like everyone else. When Graham played at Giles this year, there he was supporting Graham again. I hope Bluefield will retire the #5 in his honor. Whoever the fortunate person is that received his heart, you got yourself a heart of a champion.
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    Bluefield Beaver

    I want to personally thank all of you guys for your well wishes for our family. I know that Shelly and Slick and Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Ella greatly appreciate everything that the community has done and is doing to honor Tony. Please continue to keep the Blevins and Webster families in your thoughts. I can honestly say, that he is absolutely the best kid that I have ever been associated with. I may be a little bias but I have never in my life seen a kid that is always smiling, up-beat and as positive as Tony was. It definitely shows is how the communities of Mercer and Tazewell as well as surrounding counties have come together to honor such a wonderful young man. May he rest in peace and never be forgotten!!
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    Nice gesture ... and icing on the cake ... from our WV neighbors! Class act from Bluefield High School! GRAHAM G-MEN ... 2018 STATE CHAMPS
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    VHSL just called, tomorrow's games at Wheeling to be moved to Northwood.
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    GC Head Coach

    I’m interviewing for the job next week. Time for the Blue Devils to learn the single-wing
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    Thursday: Graham - 45 Richlands - 0
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    Old Richlands controversy

    Trolling is prohibited here. You may meet "The Chair" or, even worse, "The Hammer"...just sayin'...
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    Thanks Trueblue for the work you do. This fan appreciates it.
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    And not just at the high school level either...
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    Cricket: An insect of the family of Gryllidae, The Gryllidae have mainly cylindrical bodies, round heads and long antennae. They are related to bush crickets and distantly to grasshoppers.
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    Folks in and around the community of Chilhowie are still in a state of shock and disbelief in the sudden loss of their former WARRIOR, Will Walker. Will was killed in a farm accident late Thursday evening near Chilhowie. Will was a outstanding running back several years ago at CHS. He was 30 years old, and a AG teacher at Chilhowie and Northwood. Will was a great person, a great husband, and a brand new dad. We ask why Lord? Only our Father in Heaven knows the answer as to why. But we can be assured that Will is with Our Holy Father now. Will won the race to get to Heaven before we did. God knows what he is doing, and he knows why. Life on this Earth throws us a curve ball from time to time, and we have to accept his actions and keep the Faith, knowing that we will all be reunited in Heaven with Will and the others that have passed before us. Please Pray for Will's family and friends. Prayer is what we all need to help comfort our loss. May OUR Lord be with us now and in the days to come. May God Bless us all.
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    Another newb to the board who's going to "educate" us on good football... Welcome to the Thunder Dome lil guy, good luck.
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    I kinda feel this way about it. I liken it to being brothers...........well, maybe stepbrothers........in that I can say things about you and we can beat up on each other, but we stand together when it comes to the rest of the state. I know that some on both sides may feel different, I will always pull for the Tazewell teams when we are out of it, and if there are no Tazewell Co. teams left then I will be pulling for region D teams. Besides that, I played ball with D.Palmer in high school and I'm still good friends with him so I wish him the best ! I will be a Graham fan this week and the next and hope they bring the championship back to Tazewell Co !
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    Akers Out at GC?

    Throw a chocolate frosty on the line.......
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    & the Big Creek/War,WV community too. Even though he finished his career up at Richlands the people in southern McDowell County loved Devon and was overly proud of all he accomplished.
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    Abingdon 3A

    Geography and grammar are tough sometimes.
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    36 - Doug Hubbard - Honaker 33 - Fred Simon - Bluefield 28 - Bobby Wyatt - Pikeview 7 - Tazewell 6 - Pocahontas 15 24 - Mark Palmer - Patrick Henry 8 - St. Paul 8 - Ervinton 8 22 - Harris Hart - Bland County 15 - Tazewell 7 22 - Greg Mance - Richlands 21 - Jim Adams - J. I. Burton 20 - Brett McPherson - Grayson County 13 - Eastern Montgomery 7 16 - Kelly Lowe - Narrows 16 - Rick Mullins - Ridgeview 4 - Clintwood 12 14 - Matthews Saunders - Radford 12 - Castlewood 2 14 - Stephen James - Pulaski County 5 - Fort Chiswell 9 12 - Jack Turner - Carroll County 1 - Auburn 4 - Pulaski County 7 11 - Jeff Williams - Giles 09 - Mark Dixon - Galax 08 - Joey Carroll - Marion 08 - Travis Turner - Union 06 - Jeff Robinson - Chilhowie 06 - Michael Crist - Virginia High 06 - Darrell Taylor - Castlewood 06 - Jeremy Ward - Twin Valley 1 - Grundy 5 05 - Larry Thompson - Mount View 05 - Brandon Harner - George Wythe 05 - Derrick Patterson - Holston 05 - Chris Akers - Gate City 3 - Rural Retreat 2 05 - Luke Owens - Central 04 - Tony Palmer - Graham 04 - Britt Stone - John S. Battle 04 - Cheyenne Osborne - Rye Cove 03 - Jeremy Pendergraft - Lee 03 - Craig Plymal - Grundy 02 - Chris Pedigo - Princeton 02 - J'me Harris - Tazewell 02 - Chris Duble - Northwood 02 - Nick Johnson - Thomas Walker 02 - Michael Webb - Lebanon 01 - Adam Havens - Montcalm 01 - George Kennedy - River View 01 - Chris Booth - James Monroe 01 - Josh Wingate - Fort Chiswell 01 - Jamey Hughes - Rural Retreat 01 - Garrett Amburgy - Abingdon 01 - Keith Warner - Twin Springs 01 - Mike Rhodes - Eastside 01 - Anthony Church - Hurley
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    You too Beamerball...thanks
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    The funniest thing you'll see all day!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    VOTE for Week 3 Top 10 List

    (1) Bluefield (2) Bluefield (3) Union (4) Graham (5) Ridgeview (6) Pulaski (7) Richlands (8) Abingdon (9) Chilhowie (10) Galax And if any dingus or troll fails to rank Bluefield, I will edit this poll and insert “Bluefield” in the highest available slot to cancel out the sheer stupidity of failing to rank them.
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    Vote for the Week 2 Top 10

    University of Virginia - Collage at Wise:
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